Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Don't Go To Bed With That Drip Tonight

Friday, July 22, 2005

Concert Etiquette

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I found a cool photo from the Kaiser Chiefs show at Webster Hall, taken by Central Village, who happens to have a great blog and shares my sentiment that the Kaiser Chiefs are a great live band.

A few weeks ago I was also at Webster Hall to see Bloc Party and ended up getting in a fight. I have a very low tolerence for "Bad Concert Etiquette" and some guy set me off when he decided to mosh through the crowd toward the front. He tried to go straight through Shelly, almost knocking her over. When all was said and done I almost knocked him over. Anyhow, I came across another blog about the Kaiser Chiefs show at Webster Hall and damn if this blogger didn't also get into a fight. I wonder if Webster Hall somehow brings out those with "Bad Concert Etiquette". Come to think of it, I was at a Rilo Kiley show there a few months ago and a fight almost broke out because one group of very drunk people wouldn't stop loudly talking. When another group asked them to please be quiet they got louder and responded with some tripe like "we're not at the fucking opera". Which brings me to my point... there is a lot of "Bad Concert Etiquette" out there. I'm drafting a manifesto against "Bad Concert Etiquette" which I hope to widely distribute. If you have any suggestions as to what should be included or a list of examples, please leave a comment or email me. Thanks!

More Cowbell!

I Predict a Riot
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Another great Kaiser Chiefs show at Webster Hall last night. This picture is not from that show. How Ricky doesn't end up in crutches after every show, I'll never know.....

Thursday, July 21, 2005

This Post Will Be Boring To Anyone Not Named Leslie

Don't Point that Glass At Me!
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Actually, it will be boring to everyone except THIS Leslie.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Good News

Dark chocolate lowers blood pressure. Nothing more to say....

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


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Passing through Chicago's Midway Airport a few weeks ago I finally got to try a Superdawg. Kind of like a salad on top of a wiener. Still not as good a (New Jersey) Hot Texas Wiener. Give me a Johnny & Hanges "All the Way" any day. Or a Hot Grill or a Libby's or a Rutt's Hut.... it's all good.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Allez George!!!!!!!!

Photo ©: Roberto Bettini/www.bettiniphoto.net

I'm still kicking myself for not going to see Le Tour in person this year. The last mountaintop finish of this years tour, at Pla-d'Adet, becomes the first Tour victory for George Hincapie. What a great Tour so far this year. Here are my predictions for the last week:

Lance Armstrong will win his seventh consecutive Tour de France but without a single stage victory.

Ivan Basso will hold onto second place after bleeding minutes in the last time trial (an improvement over last year).

Mickael Rasmussen will lose huge time in the Saint-Etienne Time Trial and will lose his podium position. He will, however, be King of the Mountains.

Jan Ullrich will win the final time trial and move up to third in the G.C.

Robbie McEwan will win the final sprint in Paris getting just enough points to take the Green Jersey.

Saddest moment so far: It's a toss-up between David Zabriskie crashing out of the TTT just outside of the 1 KM marker and losing the maillot jaune and Jens Voigt's disqualification for being outside the time limit the day after losing the yellow jersey. Close behind is Christophe Mengin crashing with 900 meters to go in Stage 6 after being out front for almost 180 Km.

Other things Tour related:

My favorite web resource: Tour de France 2005 Blog

Best television coverage in the U.S.: OLN, with the best broadcast team for any sport in Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin.

Worst television coverage in the U.S.: CBS, which schedules only one hour each Sunday of the Tour to wrap up the previous week and squanders that little time by doing puff pieces. As of today, 15 stages have been completed yet CBS continues to show montage footage of prior tours.

Biggest surprise: Rabobank. They had Erik Dekker in the polka-dot jersey in Stage 3. He kept it until Stage 6 when he handed it off to teammate Karsten Kroon. Kroon lost it in Stage 7 but teammate Mickael Rasmussen took it back in Stage 8. Pieter Weening won Stage 8, and Rasmussen won the following day on Stage 9. And Rasmussen looks like the first legitimate G.C. contender that Rabobank has ever had.

Friday, July 15, 2005

I've Forgotten How To Tie My Shoes

A few months ago I came across Ian's Shoelace Site. I first heard about it in an article in The Guardian. I started tying my shoes using Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot, which has never come undone on me. Now I've completely forgotten how I used to tie my shoes. Mad props to Ian, from whom I've stolen the below image....

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Non-Emergency? Fuggetaboutit!

Paterson, NJ Police Car
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Paterson, NJ police car. Don't try calling.....