Monday, December 26, 2005

Krystal vs. White Castle

I flew to Phoenix yesterday (12/25) to see Rutgers play in the Insight Bowl. But first I had to stop in Atlanta for an almost three hour layover (damn you Delta!). Some good did come of it as I was able to try a Krystal burger. Krystal is a blatant White Castle rip-off. I had a number 1 combo and Shelly had a number 5 (or was it a 4?) Mine was four slyder type burgers, fries and a coke. The burgers were the same size as WC but did not have any holes. The burgers were dryer than WC, the onions were raw, and there was mustard rather than ketchup. Decidedly inferior. The fries sucked, but then WC fries are nothing to write home about. Shelly’s combo included two burgers and two chicken sandwiches. The chicken sandwiches look similar to those at WC, same size, etc. They were a bit spicier. But again, the WC chicken is moister, and thus better. If there was a Krystal nearby and it is 2 a.m. and I’ve been drinking, then it would fit the bill. Or if I need a laxative. Any other time, not so much.

Which reminds me..... I rediscovered White Manna in Hackensack, NJ. Not to be confused with White Mana in Jersey City, NJ, which while good, is not in the same league as White Manna. A Hamburger Today agrees. The White Manna cheeseburgers are sublime. A steamed potato roll encasing a juicy mini burger steamed over onions, with plenty of onions and cheese. Damn they are good.


Nat&Jim said...

Have fun!!!! Go RU!!!!

7:06 AM  
Kronic said...

So, you have to go across the country before you update your blog? Well, it was well worth the wait. That was some funny stuff. When i first read the subject, i thought it was going to be about the stomach pains you suffered from mixing wc and that fancy champaigne that puffy drinks.

The white manna in hackensack is fantastic. My cousic took me there EARLY on a saturday morning once. It was packed by 11 am. We were cramped while we ate our sack of burgers on a regular paper plate, but damn if those weren't some good burgers. I really liked drowning them in hot sauce.

btw, haha RU lost. i watched some/most of the 2nd half. i was actually rooting for them. Something about the see of red shirts in the stadium.

10:07 PM  
Kronic said...

btw, i think you'll really like this link:

10:16 PM  
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Kronic said...

is this site dead?

11:49 AM  
Joseph said...

No. This site is not dead. It's just resting....

9:44 PM  

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